Anand Krishna Raised the Spirit of Nationality on the National Resurrection’s Day

Source: Antara News

Denpasar- Anand Krishna Centre Denpasar located in Jalan Pura Mertasari, Sunset Road, Kuta, Bali, held some activities which aimed to raise the spirit of nationality in the commemoration of National Resurrection’s Day, on Thursday night, 20th of May.

The event, which involved dozens of youngster, became such media to fertilize togetherness as well as uplift the spirit of nationality for supporting the efforts of defending the national integrity.

Stunning role plays and national songs were expressed for enhancing the awareness of defending the national integrity, interspersed by speeches from some public figures and local officials.

“We are commemorating the National Resurrection’s Day as well as the forth anniversary of Graha Indonesia Jaya, with a theme of realizing the world a new: One Earth, One Sky and One Humankind”, said Hadi Susanto one of the organizers of Anand Krishna Centre.

The programs were packed in such relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where people could enjoy the discussion interactively regarding the social and civic awareness. A young man was acting as a pessimistic man who has always asked for his rights while he has not done anything for the country.

“You keep complaining and asking for what you will get, but have you given something for the country?”- one sample of the conversation in the role play.

The four year old building established by Anand Krishna has been reported as a place for people to do all efforts for the glory and the peacefulness of the country.

“We will keep speaking out peace from this place - Graha Indonesia Jaya - as a miniature laboratory for realizing the victory of Indonesia. All people can gather here without bothered by the difference in social status, religion, occupation and ethnic”, said Hadi.

He also stated that the activities carried out in the place was nothing to do with the politic practices, but to persuade people to develop the culture of appreciation in the spirit of pluralism.

The Executive Director of National Integration Movement (NIM)- Dr. Wayan Sayoga - said that they are going to keep sounding the spirit of nationality heritated by our founding fathers.

“Recently many disintegration threats have been arised from internal and external aspects, so that the power for preventing the country from such acts is nationalism in the frame of NKRI”, he mentioned.

He also cited four heritages from our founding fathers that should be kept in mind for living with the society as one nation – Pancasila, UUD 1945, NKRI and Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

The activities have gained some interest from the public figures and local officials. There were Gus Indra Udayana and a spiritual figure from India, Swami Anubhavanda, as well as Supriyanto from Kesbanglinmas the Provice of Bali and a representative from the Regent of Badung.

(translate by Oka Ratnayani)