Petition to the Government of Indonesia In Consideration of the Island of Bali

Your island of Bali, which many of the undersigned have visited and loved, is one of the most beautiful and spiritual places in the world. Although it is a part of Indonesia, we also consider it to be a place belonging to the people of the world.

We are concerned that this most beautiful place is being eroded, unabated by construction projects. We understand that more and more land is being cleared for construction of housing, golf courses, shopping centres and other commercial ventures.

Please consider the importance of protecting the natural beauty and the historical and spiritual significance of Bali. And consider how few places in the world remain such as this precious island paradise.

We concerned citizens of the United States implore you to severely restrict and control construction and the degradation of the sensitive ecology of the island of Bali.

Contact information:
Robert L. Salas U.S. Advisor to Indonesia Aviation Authority (1991-1993)
P.O. Box 1075
Ojai, California, USA, 93024